Alternative Progressive Epic Christian Indie Pop-Rock?

Ben Lawrence - Guitars/Lead Vox

Yep, they don’t really like to put themselves into a box when it comes to musical styles, so they haven’t. Acting as a humungous mash up of influences Brokenfor bring you some interesting new music to excite and sensate your taste budds……in a musical fashion. Full of catchy poppy choruses, unexpected synth lines and driving guitars, there’s a little bit of gourmet cuisine for all the sweet and sour taste loving fanatics!

After releasing their debut, self recorded, EP “As Surely As I Breathe” in February 2010, Brokenfor have galloped their way to gigs far a’ yonder in search of new fans and to spread word of their music to every one of the four corners of the world.

Dan Lawrence - Bass/Keys/Glock/Backing Vox

Despite being mis-informed about our “spherical” Earth, the three piece have racked up many gigs and have a plentiful amount booked for the coming ‘morrows.

Never slowing down to ponder the view of music as it is (or was), these three fellow musicians are on a quest, a quest to make great music and to spread some hope to all those they play to.

So for now, go check them out and keep your ears peeled and your noses to the direction of the wind, awaiting the sound of more Brokenfor…

Dicky Baxter - Drums/Percussion



Phone: 07504537962

Brokenfor are interested in getting their music everywhere they can! So we don’t have a set price for playing anywhere. If you would like to talk to us about doing a gig, an acoustic/busking set, leading worship at your church or even a full event then please email us or call us on the details above.

Worship Leading:

We also want to come lead worship at your church! We generally will do this free of charge (we ask for a donation towards upkeep of our equipment and travel expenses may need to be paid for), so if you would like us to come lead worship at your church please contact us on the details above!