We Need Your Help!

This is possibly the biggest favour we could ever ask of you guys, but I hope that you’ll read on and help us make something special!

We’re Brokenfor, we formed when we were at the ages of 11 and 12. We couldn’t really play our instruments and we didn’t really know why we were in a band, but we liked it, so we had a go.
That was 8 years ago and we’re still making music, playing instruments and having fun but we’ve found the reason why we do what we do. We’ve got a passion for seeing the Gospel affect the lives of young people. Making music is the way we release that passion.
The Gospel is not just about what’s been and done, but what’s happening now and what is to come. We make music that we love, inspired by the artists that we listen to everyday, injected with a message of hope, not just so it can be enjoyed now, but so it can inspire the next generation to love and be loved.

This is where you come in. We’ve got some new songs and we really want to record them so that you can hear them, your friends can hear them, the girl next door can hear them, they lad down the street can hear them, the kids in the playground, the young people in the Churches. You get the idea. But, we need your help! To do these songs justice, we need to spend quite a few pennies on making a new EP!

So, we’ve set up a website:

On this website you can donate to our EP and we’ll give you some great things in return for your kindness. For example, if you donate as little as £6, you’ll get your name in our “special thanks” section of our CD booklet, a free badge and a ltd. edition signed poster! There are many more goodies too!
Making this EP is not just about music, but life. We want to be able to do this everyday of our lives. Write songs, play shows and reach more and more people with this message of love and hope that Jesus saves. By investing in this CD you can help us try and achieve our goal.

Thank you!

Ben, Dan, Dicky

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