NewWine N&E – We miss you!

It’s been a week since we left the wonderful, mostly sunny, NewWine N&E campsite! Gosh! And we miss it.

It was such a privilege to lead worship morning and evening for a week in the 11-14s youth venue, Club One. God was really working in the lives of the guys there and it was great to be a part of seeing it happen! The team in Club One, and indeed across all of the youth venues, were brilliant and a joy to work with. Throughout the week our venue also had a fantastic line up of guest speakers with bang-on messages for the young people.

It was also great to be a small part of what is a massive festival, this year 7000 people were on site – amazing!

So, today I’ve got my Club One t-shirt on in memory of such a great week!

In other news, you can now download our new EP “It’s Not Me, You Are” on Itunes and soon everywhere else! We’ve also got some other exciting news coming up soon, but we like to keep things secret……keep an ear out!

Roger, over and out!

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