New Songs, New Years

So it’s nearly 2012, surprise surprise we’ve actually made it through 2011! This year has been the busiest in our nine year existence. We spent the first three months writing and “perfecting” songs for our second EP, before heading to Southampton to record them with Chris and Sanj of Hi-Sonorous in April. After that we recorded a ditty ourselves, shot some cover photos, practised a bit, gigged a bit and then released our new EP entitled “It’s Not Me, You Are” in July. After that we went off to NewWine N/E festival where we lead worship with a bunch of great kids (and leaders) in the Club One youth venue, played some more gigs and spoke on some radio stations. Finally, very recently, we’ve ended the year by restarting the process of writing and demoing new ideas and songs. Peachy.

A lot of stuff has happened this year but it still feels like it’s flown by. Apart from Brokenfor all three of us have become “working men”. That is: A strange phenomena when you realise you have to find a job to support the incessant purchasing of musical equipment…and other things. It’s a weird feeling that you have to occasionally balance “a job” with making music and vice versa, but it’s a necessity to keep us going as a band and I personally am very greatful to have a job/source of income in the current economical climate.

I think our journey as a band has twisted and turned more than ever before this year. In January we really didn’t know what to do with our songs as we had little money to spend on good studio time, but we pushed on because we knew there was something there. Amazingly over half of our CD costs were funded by friends, family and other good Christian people we know. It gave us such an encouraging push knowing that other people thought our music and ministry was valuable.

During writing and recording, I especially, find it hard to leave the music alone. It’s always running through my brain. Even in the mixing stages of making a CD I can’t sit still so the few months when mixes and masters were flying back and forth between us and Chris and Sanj it was a struggle to really feel happy with the music we had made. When the EP was completed and released and we had so many great responses even from radio stations and “musos” there was a great weight lifted off of our shoulders which let us get out there and play gigs with a great enthusiasm.

Now we’re back to the start of the writing and idea making stage, which has a strange aura about it. We experiment with new sounds and styles and subsequently write new songs. The new songs can feel weird at first but you know the ones that are best because they stick and become part of the song family of the band. So expect to hear some new songs as 2012 progresses!

Anyway here ends my rambling. I expect more will ensue next year!

Thanks for your support and friendship this year. See you in the next.

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