Summer time and the living is easy…

Hey Peeps!

It’s been a bit quiet lately hasn’t it!

We’ve been working hard these last months since the release of our debut EP. Over the summer we’re laying low and working on some new songs and ideas which we hope to have ready to perform in the new school year. So if you don’t hear much from us you know it’s because we’re busy preparing something exciting!

Speaking of the next school year (sorry, it’s a bit early to be thinking about all that again isn’t it!), anyway, starting in September two of our band members, Ben and Dan, will be joining Norwich Youth For Christ to spend a year volunteering whilst Dicky finishes his last year at University. Some interesting ideas are already in the pipeline regarding what Ben and Dan will be getting up to! We feel passionate about getting out there to make a difference in the lives of young people in and around Norwich and further afield, whether that is through our music or through the youth work we will be involved with.

So keep checking back to see how we’re getting on! We’re so looking forward to what this next year’s going to bring and we hope you are too!

Dan, Ben & Dicky

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